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Submitted on
December 22, 2012


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Ok, so I suggest everyone, and I mean everyone, who watches me or even just stumbles upon this journal entry to read it.

Art Theft (UPDATE)The Important Stuff
This website ( is running a script bot that uses a search-engine like program to find your art and post it without your permission, and sometimes without any credit. There have been reports that posting your name into the search engine actually facilitates the script bot into finding your art. I don't know if that's true. There have also been reports that the ads on these image pages are rife with virus' / malware. There's also reports that these ads are being used to make money and drive traffic through the domain in order to make money off of you.  I urge everyone NOT to use this site. Instead send your complains to:
Name: PT.Belawan Sendiri
Phone: +62.616940770
Email Address:
You can also complain to his hosting company:
UPDATE Apparently the hosting has been moved to Atlushost, b

Brief description: So this person has used some bot or scripting that lists artwork and the actual artwork on his/her site. Like our actual pictures. The script or whatever automatically generates pages with our artwork on it, and even the original title. Though s/he has put our username in the title but that's not the point! They have taken the artwork without permission. And could even be making money out of it. Please read the journal above for more info and how to complain.

You may not think your artwork is there cause you might think "Oh I'm new here." or "I'm not very popular on deviantART." or for whatever reason, but it actually can be. Even the "less popular" accounts have their things hotlinked on that website. I know I found some of my old stuff there... /shudders And I did NOT think my stuff would be on there.
And why a Korean Drama based website?! KOREAN DRAMA. WHY. NO. I LIKE KOREAN DRAMA. THIS IS NOT COOL. When I first clicked on the link, I was like "What? Did they give the right link?" But then I searched my username and BAM. I see my images there. And even some of my recent stuff. /morelikeamonthortwoago. Oh Godddddd. Picture after picture I find more and more of my things. Ooooh, this will be one long process. And I don't think I can start complaining until AFTER Christmas. I'm a busy person, y'know? /notreally.

I suggest to everyone to take this in a calm and mature manner. Don't be all "ERMAHGERD DEY STOLE MY ARTZ. IMMA BUST OUT SOME INTERNET LEGAL STUFF ON THEM." Just, no. Don't do that. The journal above has another journal in it that has a sample Formal DMCA Notice to Service Providers that you may use.

And a little warning, sometimes you may get a warning from your antivirus saying there is malware/virus so I advise not to explore too deeply in the site besides searching your username and/or titles of your work. Also, I don't think the people who are writers should worry too much. Since they type up things and they ain't pictures. But it would be a great help if writers do complain so we can get rid of this site once and for all.
ALSO, there could be things from other social networking or blogging sites. Such as  tumblr, Youtube, myspace etc. Maybe even Facebook. If it's set to public I guess.

I saw MMD-Mall write a journal about this so I thought I would as well for people who watch me that don't use MMD, people who aren't in MMD-Mall or anyone who happens to see this journal.

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Freedom-the-batxD Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Found one of my pictures on there, it made me feel like I got punched in the stomach >n< NGHHH I hate this, I deleted the picture off of here, but I'm worried it's still on there. e__e
It will be on there. Even if you deleted it or put it in storage. .-. But do not visit the site anymore!
no one reads or looks at my stuff *forever unwatched*
yeah, but we should focus on the art theft
I'm lucky to not have found any of my things but that's because I'm a writer... But I will and have been posting lots of other art type things so Il keep my eye out.

Jeez I hate Art Thievery I'm more of a writer but I know both art and writing take time and effort... When it get's just stolen it's an absolute outrage. I mean even when I post a picture I like from someone on Facebook I have the decency to put a link to where I found it or whom the artist is and if I don't know I make sure to say it's not my own and give full credit to whomever the artist is.

Now I won't rant anymore and cause any ruffled feathers but I agree we have to take sites like this down or at least make them give credit where proper credit is due.
Mm, yeah. :\ Nowadays everyone thinks about money. There is proper credit shown, but sometimes if the username is too long, they won't put it in the title.
I found some of my friends stuff on there so I told her about it... She just said it was her older art so she did not mind... :/
Ooh that's sad. : \
Please don't visit that site anymore though! I'm a bit paranoid about it. ;n;
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